Welcome, welcome! You made it – I am very proud of you.

This is Michelle talking to you. I’ ll count on you figuring out my age by youself. Done?

Great, let’s see….I am still in college, trying to find a major that screams “me”. I’ve changed it 3 times so far.

I am a feminist at heart, newly converted VeggieBabe, outspoken online and a serious introvert if you’ll ever meet me. I like cookies and fast- walking people. Routines scare me and I’d like to consider myself a perfectionist- I’m  not trying to make any sense. That’s part of the game, you’ll see.

Maybe you want to follow along as I write about train rides to work, being young and broke and how to be a minimalist in this industry that is mankind. Grab a drink and a piece of cake, it might take a while…

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