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Who Do YOU Think you are? Negative Self-Talk And Success over Sadness

This blog is stupid. Nobody reads this. Nobody cares for your opinion. You are not attractive. Your dreams are silly. You will never be a writer. You will never be successful.

Think about how you talk to yourself everyday. Do you compliment your appearance? Do you compliment your achievements? Do you motivate yourself to reach your goals?

I certainly don’t, at least not often. And I feel like an impostor because sometimes, I write such positive self-improvement crap and I fail miserably every time. So this how I feel about things right now:


I question my every move. I don’t reach my goals because I set them and forget them in an instant. Or I make eloborate plans and don’t follow through with them. Improvement is good but constant thinking about how you can achieve cerain things obviously shows that you are not improving. I’ve read so many articles on confidence, self-improvement, goals and success and still I don’t know where to start.

I think it’s ridiculous how whiny I am sometimes when all I want is to be at peace with my own thoughts and to keep up with my own goal and how to be less needy and dependent on what other people think of me and on their achievements.

I have accumulated so much info, I will take anyone who reads this on a 10-week journey in which I want to work on my life. In 10 weeks, the new semester starts and as “seen-before” this may sound, I just like that it’s 10 weeks and that it marks a new beginning.


.Here we go:

Identify your strenghts as well as your bad habits. What do you want to change? (Post – 08.07. 2017)

How can you align your wishes with your current situation? (Post – 08.08.2017)

Think about your health, fitness routine and your body image? (Post – 08.09.2017)

That’s it for the time being, I will keep you posted on any additional ideas and lists I come up with.





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