The Art of Deflection

We tell ourselves that we look pretty and when someone else does, we negate it.

We don’t tell ourselves that we’re beautiful, but when someone else does, we think they’re lying.


I don’t feel like I am living very intentionally and intuitively right now. Some days are bolts of lightning and I feel like my mind is very focused and my thoughts are clear. Some days I feel like a sloth that doesn’t even hang from a tree anymore but instead lies on the ground beneath it because, why bother?

I think how we accept compliments and personal success has so much to do with what we say to ourselves. If we give ourselves a pep talk every day just because or if we find something to nag about no matter what.

As I am not that big with positive thinking (I consider myself a realist and we all know, reality is harsh sometimes), I am the a-class example for any of those types of behaviour.

I can’t take compliments. Whether it is one referring to my looks or my work or anything, I don’t take it very well, even when it is meant to be purely innocent and friendly. I deflect and make the accomplishment look smaller than it probably is. Also, I am of the opinion that my looks aren’t an accomplishment, it is nothing I can change, really, or do something about in their foundation, so why would you compliment me on them?

I am really unfocused today as well, though I did half an hour of pure writing today and I really don’t know where I am going with this post.

But I think I might want to work on taking compliments as they are, don’t question them, say thank you and smile. Maybe this will be one of the tasks for the next week.

Among this will be:

  1. Try to find something positive in a negative situation that only has a minor impact on your everyday life (traffic jam, train is delayed, granny pays her groceries with coins)
  2. Accept any compliment with a thank you and smile, don’t deflect or negate.
  3. Before you’re about to complain about something to someone, think about how you can say something positive/change the topic/ try to make them feel good in a conversation.


Have a lovely week,








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