Mother and a Child

It’s time to pick your favourite

Dress she says and holds up two

as different as night and day

„Get out the way“

the old one shouts and sits nearby

where my place should be

I remember your words

as if you just said them

that man does not make one day

in the life or a thousand

better than you could on your own

Turn away- stop the clock

No! Better to turn it back

Turn back the time and see for yourself

„I haven’t said that“

Knowing you did and you meant it then

Now I see you as if only a shadow is left of your appereance

Clock strikes 12 and your gone

Tell me to go and move on

A mother is a mother, from day one on, a life after that

A child is a child, no matter how wrong , no matter what

I want to feel safe

But I don’t

I want to feel rage

But I won’t

Because love is not the enemy and neither are you

I am my own biggest fear I know that is true

And sometimes I don’t know if you are so wrong

In showing me what I have yet to learn

Clocks strikes 12, I’m not above you

Clocks strikes 12, I still do love you

A mother’s a mother no matter how close

A child’s a child no matter how it groes


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