Commitment or Sitting on Your Ass All Day Long

Today was the hottest day this year (so far) and I might have lounged around all day long.

Recently, I read a lot about commitment, especially regarding personal finance. I am trying to build an emergency fund of at least a 1000 euros (might have watched too many videos talking about Dave Ramsey) which is huge for me since I am in college and don’t earn a lot of money. But I am trying and really commiting to saving where I can, also I am saving for a second fund.

This second fund was called “vacation fund” at first and I thought, well if you save a year or so you can go on a nicer, longer vacation instead of going on a trip in a few months just because you have a couple of hundreds of euros in your bank account. Quite quickly, while over-analyzing my possible future and seeing what people around me are doing with their lives, it turned into a “Whatever comes after graduation” fund. Maybe I will travel the world then, maybe I move to another country. Maybe, maybe, maybe.

The problem is, if you don’t have any use for the money and don’t save for a specific goal (other than the emergency fund, which is quite self-explanatory), it means you don’t have goals. 

So, I sat down and thought long and hard about possible investments for my future. Poses the question what I want to do with my life and here we go. I have too many ideas. Scratch that, I have got a lot of ideas. I am of the opinion that it is not shameful to have a lot of ideas. It’s good and someday, one of those many ideas will turn into something great.

But, it won’t if I don’t commit to it. None of your great ideas will turn into something if you don’t commit to it.

One of my passions is special education, working with gifted children has always been this idea of mine, next to creative work and acting.

Funny thing is, my minor now is Educational Science and though the courses are boring, it can help me for my graduate phase. So I decided to go ahead and turn my vacation fund into my professonial/skill/special qualification fund and save up the missing money for a course in gifted education and coaching.

It will help me if I decide to pursue a Master’s degree and if I want to work as a freelancer later on. It is a positive qualification on my CV, I can learn a lot and it is much more sustainable than a short beach vacation.

It is, of course, all about priorities. If futher education in your field is not an option and you really want that tan, commit to saving up for a beach trip. But you simply cannot whine about being pale and unhappy and needing a vacation and then turning around, going back to bed and buying three pairs of shoes just because.

If you want something, go get it. Most likely it’s not really out of reach if you stand on the tips of your toes and stretch out your arms.


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