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How to Kick your Demons in the Face

Literally, you have been nice and tried to talk them away. They won’t leave. It’s time for some action.

It’s raining outside and I am cold. There you go, suck in the air that smells of cliché and bad RomComs. The weather outside reflects my current mood perfectly.

I am in this state of mind where I know I am string enough to pull myself out of the gutter, but it’s hard. I am mad about being mad about being mad all the time. And it’s fucking unproductive.

So I am sharing my three tips that I am applying today to make me feel better and they are boring old hats so let’s do this.

Stop. Eating. Junk. You would think I am a saint when it comes to this because it’s easier to eat right when you’re a vegetarian. But over-salted snacks and sugary everything? You’re not “safe” from it just because you don’t eat meat. And yes, those chips taste good. And they are bad as fuck for you, sorry, that’s just the way it is. I don’t count calories, I despise the term “Cheat Meal/Day” and I love me some pizza, but that processed crap needs to go. The occasional veggie gummy bears can stay and I will still eat cake, but I am trying to make things myself once and for all and stop relying on store-bought sweets and so on. Tonight, we are making a big healthy salad with some baguette and I know I will devour it and don’t feel like crap afterwards. It’s no news that depression and bad eating habits are linked, so you might as well change them now.

Surround yourself with positivity. I am meeting a friend this evening and I told him a few minutes ago that I am having bad day. He send me a video involving a cute baby cow. That’s just our kind of humour, and it made me laugh- so try and surround yourself with positive people, uplifting music or a podcasts, or watch a silly movie. You can take up studying again tomorrow.

Long showers. Well not too long because save the water folks, ya know, but the first gross thing I am doing when I feel like crap is treating my body like crap. Washed your hair three days ago? Well, I am not getting out of this bed anyways, so fuck that. NO! If you don’t respect your body yourself, this feeling of “I am worthless and no wonder nobody likes me and” (go on with the destructive thoughts) won’t go away. So go take a nice long shower and put on some lotion afterwards. I feel very disconnected from my own body oftentimes and this really helps to bring back the self-awareness.

What do you do to lift your mood?




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