Run for Cover – Post-5k and How’s she Doing?

I had a weird weekend. Maybe you read my last post from yesterday. Yes, it’s true. I am battling with depression and I am not doing that great at the moment. It’s an up and down and I cannot predict whether it is going to be one or the other tomorrow.

Today’s Sunday. Sunday is pretty much the only day I don’t set an alarm (like most people do). We are busy during the week and on Saturday, there’s always something up – you meet with friends, you run errands you don’t have time for Mo-Fr or maybe you even work. (Nearly nobody is working on Sundays btw, here in Germany, except for jobs in the emergency sector like doctors etc., maybe it’s different where you live)

Instead of sleeping in really late, which I still can do (physically, though my body likes to be awake around 8am at it’s latest), but it doesn’t benefit me any more, I got up around 9 am. (As long as I didn’t go out late the previous evening or had a drink, I don’t need to sleep in anymore.)

So, around 9 am today, I was really awake and optimistic and I knew that I needed to really take advantage of this mood. I went for a run and did some weight workouts yesterday, but I didn’t feel sore at all, so I put on my running shoes and enjoyed to be outside.

The weather is so beautiful! It is said to be the only sunny day this coming 8 days, so I needed to get outside. I went for a run along the river and even though I had way too many layers on (I am not used to warm weather anymore, it seems), I really enjoyed it and was pretty fast. Afterwards, the sweat wasn’t dripping anymore, it was..well, let’s be explicit and say running like water down my face. Funny thing is, as much as I thought, Ok, that’s pretty gross, I felt very proud and like I had accomplished something. This feeling is really necessary sometimes, when you feel like you’re doing nothing.

Maybe it has something to do with finishing the 5k and having the 10k in my mind, but I feel really good about my training right now. I am having a break tomorrow and the day after (my birthday ^^) and I hope to be able to do a quick home workout on Thursday because this girl’s going on a (second) date on Wednesday (wish me luck, I suck at dating). On Friday, I really want to go to ballet, which I skipped last Friday. On the weekend, I plan to do a longer run n preparation for the 10k!

Tell me: Do you prefer working out inside or outside? If it’s the latter, do you like colder or warmer weather more?




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