It’s a bit painful – Run for Cover 6 Week Update

Hello there!

I just survived the first week of Summer Term! I wanted to write something on that topic, but I am at Uni until 6 pm 4 days a week and working the rest of the remaining time. So let’s just say I am a bit exhausted.

I actually completed my first point from my #101in1001 challenge, you can read about that here. I took up ballet classes again! On Friday, I did my first class at Uni, it was 90 mins of pain, folks! My flexibility is somewhat non-existent and I am so not used to these types of movements anymore…But it was so fun!

Being sore af afterwards, I dreaded the thought of my first 5k (in years!) I wanted to complete two days after. It’s Sunday, so you know what that means…I made it! I didn’t track my time at all because the main goal was to survive, but I’ll look up my time later on the website of the event.

It was a small, local run and the course was quite difficult for me. We actually ran about 1.5 kilometers through the vineyards and I am not used to hills at all. I ran with my dad and it was a lot of fun, but after 2.5 kilometers at the steepest part of the course, my lungs burned, my legs ached with the already existing soreness from Friday and I felt like I didn’t move an inch. But eventually we made it and I was so proud!

I posted a photo of my race number on Instagram and I couldn’t believe I did the full race without stopping or even walking once.

So what`s next? I am planning on doing a 10k in 4 weeks (great idea..), I ran this course seven years ago and I know it’s difficulties, so maybe I will train a bit in the area to get familiar with it again. But I am so motivated to complete that because the next goal is a half-marathon and that will be a whole different traing effort.

For now, I took a hot shower and now I am sitting in bed writing this to relax a bit. I have got a stressful week ahead of me, with lots of Uni work, my student job, appointments and I want to go out with some girls I met last week. I am going to eat well later and then hit my pillows around 10 pm, so I get a lot of sleep tonight!

Have you completed a race lately? Are you planning on doing so? Let me know!


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