Why I am not ashamed of quitting my job. Again.

On international levels, I would most likely be a sophomore in college. I am turning 21 in a few weeks and I have changed Unis and my major three times in the past 2 years.

I started out as a theatre studies major at 17 – and quit right before my Bachelor thesis was to be written. Out of fear – I didn’t even have a topic I was interested in – of not knowing what to do afterwards. I knew that state funding and my allowance would be discontinued in an instant, if I didn’t find a consecutive Master’s program (which I didn’t). I literally couldn’t afford to graduate because I knew I wouldn’t find any proper job with my first degree.

Throughout those three years, I did everything, jobwise. I cleaned other peoples’ houses (yup, worked as a maid, there, I said it), I did babysitting and tutoring, worked as a caregiver for elderly people, I worked as a secretary (the only desk job I had and it was the most fun job I had so far!). And it was okay like that, I lived at home, always had some money and I felt good about earning my own sort-of income.

Last year, in October, I decided to change my major to Social Work. I moved out of home at 19, so the bills added up really quickly, even with my allowances. Rent, health insurance, groceries and trying to have a social life with partying, drinking and going out to dinner…let’s say I didn’t save a bit.

Then I started this job at a nursery, where I got paid a huge salary compared to the jobs I’ve worked before. I only worked there for three months because my co-workers were awful and changing diapers all day long wasn’t what I signed up for for the next 3 years or so.

I quit. Again, after being so happy to have landed this job, which would make an awesome impression on my CV for the future. My first real employment that wasn’t in retail or anything (which is a pretty common student job here, but it doesn’t really help you for later in your career). Having worked in the education field while studying Social Work, it seemed perfect.

I might write a seperate post about changing my majors, if that sounds interesting to anyone because it’s actually a more complex story, but a few months ago, I decided to go back to studying English (which was my minor during my first years in college), with a minor in Educational Science. I got accepted to my dream Uni, where I wasn’t accepted to after high school, sadly. Funny, how some things work out in the end.

At the beginning of the year, I also started a job as a receptionist in an office building. After the first week, I knew that I wanted to quit. It was advertised as a demanding position, with lots of contact to other people, previous experience in an administrative field (which I had) was required. I got the job, much to my surprise because I felt way too un-fancy for the environment. Then I started the job – and found out it was basically smiling and standing for 10 hours once a week, looking nice behind a desk. And telling one person per hour where he can find this and that company in the building. Eureka! This is the job Michelle has been dreaming of her whole life…

I dread hunting for jobs. Polishing your CV, interviews, the same old, same old talking about yourself. I really hate it. But I knew that it was necessary because I know how sick I get when I am stuck in a negative environment, always wishing I was somewhere else.

Fast forward to yesterday, where got the job I went to an interview for! I was so happy because my future bosses (who are actually my age, so this will be a bit more relaxed than before) were super chill about me working for them. It’s a student job, after all and hate to feel out of place during those interviews, where your future employer treats you like an idiot but expects 150 % from you later on.

What do I get out of this? It’s okay to hate your job. It’s okay to want to quit. My only condition was that I don’t quit without having a new job opportunity because I cannot afford it. Other than that, I don’t care how this will look on my CV.

After all, I have a lot of experience in different fields by now, I am not above working jobs that other people see as “dirty” and I can explain very concisely, why I left each job (moving, changing my major, work-related issues etc.) . So if somebody doesn’t want to hire me because I worked so many jobs, I most likely don’t want to work for that person, either.

You just have to tell yourself that there is an opportunity for everyone sometime. And the old “If one door closes…”? It’s really true. You just have to focus on positivity and constantly try and fail and try again. Don’t let anyone tell you, you shouldn’t do this and that because of the risks and what other people might think of you. That’s a waste of energy you could definitely use for building your future the way you want it to be!

What’s your experience with changing jobs after short periods of time? Would you want to do something else if you could?


6 thoughts on “Quitting

  1. liebe Michelle, ich kann dich sehr gut verstehen. erst recht, da du deine Berufswahl schon in so jungen Jahren begonnen hast …
    ich war damals 20 als ich mich für meinen ersten Job entschieden habe … und dann 27 als der nächste kam … mit 30 habe ich sogar noch mal angefangen zu studieren um jetzt beide Berufe miteinander zu verbinden 😉
    du siehst, es gibt keine Fehler, es kommt darauf an, was man daraud macht 🙂

    einen schönen Start ins Wochenende,
    ❤ Tina
    Liebe was ist auf Instagram


    1. Ich finde das total super, wenn jemand sich “spät” (oh wei, das klingt schrecklich, 30 ist ja nicht wirklich spät) dazu entscheidet, nochmal was Neues zu machen! Besser so, als irgendwann wie meine Großeltern den Enkeln zu erzählen, was man alles versäumt hat als junger Mensch…. Der letzte Satz stimmt total, muss man sich wahrscheinlich echt öfter selbst sagen! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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