Run for Cover – Week 2: What is Success

Or how not to punch a person in the face before 10 a.m.

Week 2 is finished and I’m still on board! My documentation of my fitness progress that I started to write about last week will actually be a thing!

I planned my first official 5k race, which will be in about 4 weeks in my town, so that keeps my motivated.

Seeing any changes yet? Heck yes! (Note: This is very personal, every body is working differently. Don’t set up any goals/expectations for yourself based on other peoples’ experiences!)

  1. My appetite. Lately, I have been eating a lot less due to, what I like to call, passive stress. It’s this feeling of knowing that you are under pressure, but it’s not really shining through every day. It’s just an underlying feeling of being stressed out. Some people are stress eaters and start to binge on food in exam phases etc. I am the one who skips meals simply because I forget to eat among all the other tasks. But now, my body absolutely needs the increase in calories and protein and all that, so I am like a ravenous raccoon searching through bins – though I prefer the fridge – around midnight.
  2. Strength and stamina. I mentioned that I have a weird body type. I am quite tall, slim and if  I don’t work out, like I did in the past 6 months, I don’t have any contour or any mentionable shape. I am weak when it comes to my arms, I have quite some muscle definiton in my legs (genetics/benefits from previous ballet classes), but that’s it. I am not strong. Or I wasn’t, but running for 2 weeks is already showing it’s merits. I can hold a yoga pose I couldn’t even attempt at doing 2-3 weeks ago. That’s so crazy, I already feel a difference when I am running the same distance during training. I don’t feel like coughing up my lungs, which is also a plus.
  3. Peace of mind. I wouldn’t say that I am now a fully relaxed, calm, composed woman. That takes  a lot of work, and anxiety is a good friend of mine and she said she doesn’t plan on leaving very soon because she likes our apartment. So I let her stay, but I lock her up in my room when I am leaving the house. Most people would describe me as a calm person, I guess, but I am surprisingly impatient. Queues in supermarkts, waiting on the phone – let’s say I should work on my anger management. But with exercising regularly, as mentioned above, I don’t always feel like inflicting serious pain on the lady in front of me who likes to pay her groceries with all coins.

I don’t understand how this is developing so quickly, but I love it! I was afraid that if I didn’t see ANY results yet (again, it doesn’t have to be like that for you), I would frantically wave the white handkerchief faster than you can say “Hamilton” (anyone??!).

Now, the next goal is to increase the distance I can run without stopping because I know that I’ll get faster eventually and I don’t wanr to focus on the time that much, but I hate to be the person at the 5k who stops after every kilometer. For me, it’s better to be slower overall, but running consistantly, instead of sprinting through short distances and then coughing up my lungs as a reward.

Anyone else planning a race in the near future? What is your favourite distance when it comes to races? Let me know!




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