Easily Excitable

Or how a visit to the library restored my energy

Two days ago – I was finding myself browsing through Amazon’s bestselling English novels again – I decided not to wait any longer and take a trip to the local library.(I.e. I am  broke as hell and I cannot afford to buy a new book.)

It’s a small town here, and I don’t really feel connected to it, so I avoided anything that could possibly be fun so I don’t get attached. Sounds weird, right? But I have this crazy thinking that I am not going to stay here for very long anyway, so I didn’t really care that much for my surroundings as of right now.

When I took up running again about 2-3 weeks ago, I was suddenly startled by how idyllic it is here. Or can be, if you look in the right places at the right time. We live right down by the river that connects my current home to my hometown, and as much as I hate open water, I love watching it run its courses.

What I also love is being in libraries. Don’t get me wrong, bookstores are preferred, but my current bank statement says: “Go to the library, Michelle. You know you love it.” I haven’t read a book from the library in years, I think it might have been since going to high school even (the college library doesn’t count because we all know: that’s no fun). I spent hours going through the aisles and checking out every fantasy book I could find.

As I am now trying to read 100 books in the next 1001 days and I was down to only one book, I got a library card (5 euros for the whole year, amazing!!) and got my first three books.

I am currently reading End of Watch by Stephen King (and I love it so far, of course..), which I didn’t want to start reading at all because I know I would’ve been finished with it by the end of this week (which I will be, duh ^^). As I am a great opponent of ebooks, I would not have had anything new to read!

Some people say, they can measure their happiness via their appetite. Which is true for most people, actually, in one way or the other and it applies to me, as well. If I don’t eat, something’s off. But the same thing can be said about my reading ambitions.

I was always the nerdy kid. Still am, to be honest. I would read 5 books in a week (if it was a good week) for pleasure only, not counting any of the books I had to read for school. When we were assigned reading tasks or whole novels, I wouldn’t even write down the deadlines. I devoured literature like other people do cake. (I also like to eat masses of cake). I get excited about book shopping like I’m on the hunt for the new designer handbag.

When I am in a bad mood, I cannot focus on anything concerning books. I get bored easily and I wouldn’t take up a new book if you paid me for it.

So when I stood in front of the fantasy aisle in our local library this week, I was like a child in a candy shop. I picked out a book from a series I read as a teen and I was the happiest person on earth.

Then I found a flyer that was actually a casting call for a local amateur theatre production of Goethe’s Faust, a play I (had to) read multiple times by now and really like, even if it’s a German classic. You don’t want to know how much I freaked out over this (imagine the French Bulldog puppie with the watermelon…that much).

So yes, I am a nerd and I am easily excitable when it comes to literature and ink on paper. Someone with me? Anyone?


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