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What it means to be a woman

Happy #InternationalWomensDay to everyone. We celebrate everything. So let’s do this.

Are you proud to be a woman? Do you being a woman? Would you change being a woman if you could? What do you like about being a woman, what don’t you like?

News flash, you cannot possible give the right answer to any of those questions. If you say you are proud, someone calls you a Feminazi. (Really idicotic term by the way, stop using it to describe someone who fights for equality, please-and-thank-you).

If you’d answer like I probably would and say “No, I am not particularly proud of being a woman. I am female, but first and foremost I am a human being. Why does it have to be about superiority all the time?”, you’re a bad feminist/victim/have no self-worth.

I am proud of some things and I am a proud woman. I think that I am quite hilarious sometimes and I’m young and broke and a little money goes a long way for me. I can survive on my own, I have a creative mind, I am good listener, a better talker and my memory is excellent. (So you are encouraged to comment on this, but beware.)

But I am not necessarily building my arguments on “I am a woman, so…”. Women are awesome. Men are awesome, too. And if you don’t want to be put in any sort of category when it comes to gender questions, you do you and you’re doing awesome.

We are far away from equality. I am facing difficult situations because I am a female, sometimes I’m scared walking alone later at night. I am approached by male strangers a lot in a way that I find discomforting, even if they don’t necessarily mean to harm me.

Cat calling is a thing. And whoever argues that we, as females, should stop complaning because that way, we get some male attention, at least…Just stop. I have male friends and they know the difference between flirting and harassment. And no, sexual abuse/harassment it’s not a “male thing”. It happens to men, too and ever when did a woman say that we shouldn’t talk about this and it isn’t important?

But I am a young woman and I like to speak for myself. The statistics are horrifying, when it comes to how many women will encounter a form of sexual harassment or abuse in their lives, it’s not rocket science, just google it. One day, I might have children. They might be girls. It doesn’t mean I wouldn’t care about the safety of my potential sons, but with girls, there are some differences.

Let’s not start the whole pay gap dicsussion and the topic of sexism in the workplace. It’s a thing, but I haven’t encountered it yet, personally, and I would rather write a seperate post on those issues. #girlboss, by the way

So what does it mean to be a woman growing up in the 21st century, to be a feminist?

I know my rights as a human being. My body belongs to me and noone has the right to abuse it. Women are strong. Women can achieve what they want. We don’t have to be submissive to gender stereotypes. I can cook, but I am also good at sports. I suck at math, but I am fascinated by astronomy. I love children, but I don’t know if I want to have a family of my own. You don’t have to be who people want you to be. I use empowering hashtags (see above), but I do not limit feminism to posting quotes on Instagram. Feminism is what you do outside of your comfort zone. When you get into arguments and stand up for your ideals. (Not saying you should never post motivational stuff on Instagram.)

I am a woman. That’s a fact for me, not a limit. I have a sex and a gender, but I don’t define everything about me through it. I embrace being a woman. Simple as it sounds.

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