Never gonna dance again

I got inspired by this cover of “Careless Whisper” by Prismo- I’d like to say that I am not that into EDM at all, but lately, I discovered some good tracks. Also, not a real fan of cover versions of old songs, but this is really cool.


Tomorrow, I will meet up with my gang. Well, used-to-be gang. We all, more or less, met in our Freshman year of High School, which is only three years here in Germany, some joined the group in our second year.

Mostly consisting of girls that were less girly than anyone else in school, some guys sprinkled in here and there, we were inseperable. We claimed one seating bank in our main hall in school, we actually call our group “The Bank” because we would fight for our designated spot in every lunch break. But no matter where we met up, outide, in restaurants or at each others’ places, the cast was pretty steady. We all had some other acquaintances, but there was no question about whom to invite to birthdays, whom to eat lunch with and whom to tell when there was big news.

4 years later and the first of the ladies will get married in a year. That’s big news. Also, our steady ensemble of ten (s/o.s excluded) shrank to the impossible number of 4 during the last two years. Boyfriends, post- graduation plans, going abroad and different views on life – the reasons why our group started to fall apart a bit were diverse – and, even if it was sad sometimes, it wasnormal.

I haven’t heard from our only remaining guy in 2 years, we ran into each other at his workplace (the local cinema, so it was only a matter of time) slightly awkwardly a few months ago. But it was okay, we had a nice, brief talk and it was all good. He wouldn’t show up to our get-togethers at all due to some personal reasons and I really missed him.

It’s so funny, that sometimes we meet people, knowing right from the start that those are the ones we will keep forever. And sometimes, this feeling misleads us to believe that under no circumstances ever, friendships can fall apart.

We all change. I changed, a lot. I am less quiet, more opinionated and I don’t like to be told what to do. I am the nestling in our group. Running around like a lost puppy most times. Confused but somehow endearing when it comes to career choices, boyfriends and what to do about my hair. Others are quite rigid about their path and these ideals sometimes clash.

So, if you ever feel like you are drifting apart from a friend, don’t be discouraged.

Why? Because you may find yourself in the same place as that person one day, so you can reconnect. And maybe you don’t and it is for the better- I am learning right now that change is healthy. So let’s embrace it more often. You never know what you’ll get out of it.




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